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Imbroglio is my exciting debut. Birthed as catharsis during a tumultuous time in my life, I penned this story for others like me in search of an undying love. I'm currently working on the next phase of this project to bring to fruition an audio book, a book trailer and, for those who want to watch it on the big screen, a feature film. What's after that? The sequel, of course!... I mean, perhaps... LEARN MORE >

The Story. Defined.

im·bro·glio / im-‘brōl-yō / n. (pl. -lios)
1) A perplexing and intricate state of affairs: Shannon Moore––professional, headstrong, and blazing her own path––starts doubting the solidity of her life and future when a charming encounter and a chain of perplexing events overtake her. Ensnared in love, lust, and a spiritual odyssey among unsavory dealings, she plunges into a heart-racing journey of intricate twists and turns, and her dangerous state of affairs provokes more questions than answers.
2) A complicated situation: She's plagued by the warnings: “Don't get involved in something you really don’t want to be a part of” and “Things aren't always what they seem...” Throughout the imbroglio, she clamors for freedom in the form of salvation and love, both of which have been strangers far too long. SEE MORE

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Nancy A.Nancy A.
It DID keep me guessing! Great book (& it should be a movie:))
Wonderful story full of suspense. Great vocabulary. Like the ending. Left unanswered questions that could lead to a sequel. The scenes were left to the imagination, not too explicit, but enough to let you know what's happening. Loved it!!!❤️ Could also be used as a study book of what God would have you do!
Aaron G.Aaron G.
The moment you pick up the book you'll meet some of the smoothest, most dangerous characters on the printed page. A page turner, master wordsmith Ms. Robin takes you on a spiritual, sophisticated street sojourn. Twists, turns, maybe's, maybe not's...a book that makes you think, now what do they do? What would I do? When it's said and done, is it really? Must read. Excellent 6 stars out of 5–That good!

A tantalizing fictitious story embedded with hope and miraculous truth. A portrayal of painful conditions thrust upon the soul that so many can relate to and identify with. The coming together of two lives, steel sharpening steel, removing the jagged edges of human choices and consequences. A must read, for such a time as this."


OMHF!  You've got to read this book! You'll be hooked."


Synopsis does not do the story justice! It describes the story but then it doesn't... It's a lot different, a lot more than what you read here. It's an edge of your seat, roller coaster ride of a read. Warning: Your emotions will be shot!"

Big DaddyBig Daddy
Loved it. I'm hooked and waiting for Shannon Moore's next adventure."