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ImbroglioRevisedFrontCoverDiggyImbroglio has a new look!

Here’s the latest journal entry in the life and times of a self-published author. After much deliberation, I decided to add the subtitle, “The Ties of Love and Lies” to my book to give its unusual title a little more… let’s say… support. A little encouragement for the reader who strangles, chokes, and simply gives up trying to pronounce or spell the title, the new subtitle captures the essence of how both love and lies can bind a person’s heart and will. This addition, of course, required new fonts, and since I was at it I figured, “Why not have the designer update the graphics with a little embellishment, too?”

I used BookCoversLab.com, and although they are a very talented group, it was a difficult process trying to get the designers to understand what I wanted to accomplish via email correspondence. (I had no idea that was the sole means of communication when I signed up for their services––which happens to be located overseas. If you’re thinking about using them, be forewarned.) Anyway, with a little help from some local folks I could reach out and touch and my own Photoshop software, we got the cover looking pretty good. It gives off a different vibe now versus the original, but overall I’m satisfied.


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Meet the Author

Imbroglio is my exciting debut. Birthed as catharsis during a tumultuous time in my life, I penned this story for others like me in search of an undying love. I'm currently working on the next phase of this project to bring to fruition an audio book, a book trailer and, for those who want to watch it on the big screen, a feature film. What's after that? The sequel, of course!... I mean, perhaps... LEARN MORE >

The Story. Defined.

im·bro·glio / im-‘brōl-yō / n. (pl. -lios)
1) A perplexing and intricate state of affairs: Shannon Moore––professional, headstrong, and blazing her own path––starts doubting the solidity of her life and future when a charming encounter and a chain of perplexing events overtake her. Ensnared in love, lust, and a spiritual odyssey among unsavory dealings, she plunges into a heart-racing journey of intricate twists and turns, and her dangerous state of affairs provokes more questions than answers.
2) A complicated situation: She's plagued by the warnings: “Don't get involved in something you really don’t want to be a part of” and “Things aren't always what they seem...” Throughout the imbroglio, she clamors for freedom in the form of salvation and love, both of which have been strangers far too long. SEE MORE

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