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I received a message this past Thursday on my Facebook Page that I just have to share. It made my mouth gape open.

The sender asked that I share it anonymously.

“Hello, my name is UNDISCLOSED and I just wanted to share with you about how I heard of your name and your debut book.

Thursday night, I received a text message that read: “HEATHER’s Book is out!! BUY IT, READ IT! It’s GOOD! HeatherDawnRobin.com”. After looking at the text and asking who it was from, (they called themselves Aunt Cheryl) I concluded that it was sent to me by accident. I politely let them know that they had the wrong number but, I told them I wished your book well.

I love reading, love to write and I’m always adding new books to my “To Read List” when I got home, I decided to Google the book and your name. I went to your website, read the synopsis and read a teaser. With the teaser alone, I found myself chuckling at where it left off and wondering what happened next. So, your book is now on my “To Read List”. 🙂

Long story short, a text that was accidentally sent to me helped me find a new book that I want to read, inspired me to keep working on my story and getting it published one day… I believe that all of this is God nudging me; reminding me not to forget my dream.”

God is amazing! What I learned? Even in mistakes, there is success and purpose.

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Imbroglio is my exciting debut. Birthed as catharsis during a tumultuous time in my life, I penned this story for others like me in search of an undying love. I'm currently working on the next phase of this project to bring to fruition an audio book, a book trailer and, for those who want to watch it on the big screen, a feature film. What's after that? The sequel, of course!... I mean, perhaps... LEARN MORE >

The Story. Defined.

im·bro·glio / im-‘brōl-yō / n. (pl. -lios)
1) A perplexing and intricate state of affairs: Shannon Moore––professional, headstrong, and blazing her own path––starts doubting the solidity of her life and future when a charming encounter and a chain of perplexing events overtake her. Ensnared in love, lust, and a spiritual odyssey among unsavory dealings, she plunges into a heart-racing journey of intricate twists and turns, and her dangerous state of affairs provokes more questions than answers.
2) A complicated situation: She's plagued by the warnings: “Don't get involved in something you really don’t want to be a part of” and “Things aren't always what they seem...” Throughout the imbroglio, she clamors for freedom in the form of salvation and love, both of which have been strangers far too long. SEE MORE

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